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Film Photography Resources In India

Welcome to Ajit Nathaniel’s Film Photography Resources page. For feedback or update requests, please send a Whatsapp or Signal message to +91-98662-43778.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article has been posted for information purposes only. I am NOT compensated by any of these businesses or professionals, and do not represent them in any way. Any quality / performance issues are between you and the party.

IMPORTANT NOTE II: A Major problem for the community these days has been low-integrity camera dealers. Some of these sellers, out to make a quick buck, have sold useless cameras at absurd prices to novices. The people listed as camera sellers are those I have done business with directly, or those that members of the Film Shooters India Whatsapp/Signal group have had positive experiences with. Understandably, I’m being judicious about the people I’m adding to this list. If you want to be added to this list as a camera dealer, please find 3 people on the community who know me and ask them to recommend you be added. To clarify, this restriction applies only to Camera Dealers. for all other products and services, I’m not requiring vetting at this time.

In the first 48 hours after I posted this page, it received over 500 hits, and multiple people reached out with updates and amendments. To make it simpler to organize and update this data I have posted it on a public Google Sheet.

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